How to Play Slots

How to Play Slots and Win Money?

Are you planning a trip to a casino city like Las Vegas, Nevada, or Macau, China, but you have no idea how to maximize your time there? In addition to researching the best casinos in Las Vegas, you should also consider learning how to play slots.

Slot machines are one of the simplest casino games, despite the fact that their flashing lights and menacing buttons deter many players.

However, since there is no real strategy to follow when playing slots, they are quite easy to use. All you have to do is insert your money and press a few buttons to get on your way. Despite this, there are a few strategies people use to maximize their slot’s time.

Because slot machines are single-use and don’t offer many opportunities for team sports, they are ideal for individuals seeking solitude. Just beware of those lurking around the corner, ready to pounce on your machine as soon as you give up and steal all of your winnings.

The slot machines were once the casino’s scum, where people were ashamed to be seen. The jackpots were insufficient, and the players were not eligible for any of the free bonuses offered to real players. As time passed, slot machines became significantly more popular.

Now, over 70 percent of a casino’s revenue comes from slot machines, and as a result, the jackpots have grown in size and appeal. So you’ve decided to become an expert on slot machines before entering a casino. You’ve come to the right place to learn how to play slots; by the time we’re finished, you’ll be the casino’s biggest star!

A Brief Overview of Slots

Before learning how to play slots, this evocative casino game, let’s delve into its storied history. Knowing the history of the game will enhance your gaming experience. So, it is 1891, and the company Sittman & Pitt created the first slot machine in New York City. The device contained fifty (50) playing cards and five (5) drums.

You may be wondering why cards are placed in slots. That’s understandable. Probably, we would ask the same question. This is why. In our previous article on how to play video poker, we saw slot machines that resembled video poker machines. Therefore, instead of a 52-card deck, slots utilized 50 cards.

The 10 spades and the Jack (J) of hearts were missing. They were discarded in order to increase the house advantage by halving the odds of obtaining a Royal Flush. Also, this is why there is so much debate among gamblers regarding the similarities of both games. This is the origin of the term pokies, which refers to slot machines. You are now up to speed.

Therefore, to play slots, a player was required to insert currency and pull the in-place lever. If your reels aligned with poker hands, you would receive drinks and cigars as non-monetary compensation. However, the first automatic slot machine appeared in 1895, though the exact year is uncertain. The inventor was Charles Fey, also known as the “Father of Slots.”

The automatic slot machine had three reels with five symbols representing playing cards. Fast forward to 1976, and the Fortune Coin Company crafted the 1st video slot. The renowned IGT then acquired Fortune Coin. 

A Summary of How to Play Slots Machine

To truly comprehend something, you must first understand what it is and how it came into existence. Therefore, if you’ve never played a slot machine before, you can describe them as tall machines with spinning reels.

The reels contain a series of symbols that land in a random order of three when the spin button is pressed. If you match three symbols or create a specific pattern displayed by the machine, you will win a sum of money.

Nevertheless, it is not always guaranteed that you will win the jackpot. For instance, matching three cross symbols could earn you $5 or whatever you initially wagered, but matching three gold bar symbols could yield a much larger payout.

Since their introduction in the 19th century, slot machines have gained steadily in popularity. The only components used to spin the reels are gears and strings, resulting in a straightforward design. As time progressed, machines became more dazzling with flashing lights, and some were now entirely electronic with touchscreen displays.

Nonetheless, the premise remains unchanged. A computer program known as a random number generator will ensure that the symbols reveal themselves in random order.

This program cycles through thousands of numbers per second until the button is pressed. The remaining numbers will correspond to a symbol, which will be displayed.

Historic Slot Machines

As early slot machines were much simpler today, it was much easier to calculate the odds of winning. If there were three spinning reels with ten symbols on each, then the probability of obtaining the desired symbol was 1/10.

To determine the probability of matching all three symbols, however, you must multiply the odds together. Using the same example as previously, the total would be 1/10 1/10 1/10 = 1/1000.

Therefore, the odds of matching all three symbols are approximately 1 in 1000 games. Now that you are aware of the odds, you can compare them to the jackpot to determine whether the payout is worth the money you would have to invest to win it.

Some manufacturers made it more difficult to calculate the odds by varying the number of symbols on each reel. For example, the first reel may contain 10 symbols, while the second may contain 12 and the third may contain only 7.

Modern Slot Machines

As everyone figured the maths out with early slot machines, manufacturers made it more difficult to estimate your odds of winning. They accomplished this by utilizing programming instead of spinning reels. Due to this modification, they were able to fit significantly more symbols on the reels without making the machine too cumbersome.

Consequently, a modern slot machine could have 20 or 30 symbols on a single reel! Another benefit of using programming is that manufacturers can adjust the likelihood of a symbol appearing. For instance, they could make the jackpot symbol appear only once every fifty spins, whereas the cross symbol could appear once every ten spins.

This makes it more difficult for the player to predict when he or she will win on their slot machine. Some prefer this due to the element of surprise, while others are put off by the fact that they do not know their odds of winning.

Modern slot machines also feature a variety of minigames and variations on the classic slot game, including wild symbols, progressive jackpots, scatter symbols, and many others. Even though you can no longer predict when you will win, this may be the reason why slot machines have become increasingly popular.

Guide To Slot Machine Play

There are many things to do in Las Vegas, including exploring lakes, climbing mountains, and riding thrilling roller coasters. And yes, there are activities for children in Las Vegas. However, have you truly visited Las Vegas if you haven’t spent time in the casinos?

Without a strategy, playing slot machines can be monotonous and tiresome. Below, we will discuss the fundamentals of slot machine play, as well as some guidelines to follow so that you don’t stand out as a novice in a room full of experts.

There are numerous types of slot machines in the casino, and not all of them have identical odds or rules.

If you are a beginner, you may want to stick to the classic machines with three reels, as these are the easiest to practice on.

Classic slot machines have only the most basic symbols, such as cherries and bells, and lack the scatter and wild symbols found on other machines.

There will also be fewer pay lines, so if you win, the payout will be greater than on a slot machine with more pay lines.

Different Online Slots

The number of reels a slot machine has is a common identifier. In this regard, there are three primary types of online slot machines, as outlined below.

Classic Slots

These variations are also referred to as three-reel slots. These machines are also known as ‘one-armed bandits.’ Traditional slot machines required the player to pull a lever to initiate a spin.

These are the best variants for beginners to begin with. This is because they are simple to play, simple to learn, and quick. If you land three matching symbols on a classic slot machine, you win the jackpot. Although fewer reels reduce a player’s chances of winning, classic slot machines offer the highest payouts.

How to Play Slots

Video slots

Video slots, also known as 5-reel slots, are an upgrade from traditional slots. They feature excellent in-game visuals and engaging gameplay music. This would attract anyone. Moreover, they are the most popular slots in online casinos and the predecessors of modern slots.

5-reel slots automatically have more pay lines. Therefore, compared to traditional slot machines, you have tremendous winning chances. The additional features of video slots, such as free spins, make the game more engaging.

Progressive jackpot slot machines

These types of slot machines can significantly increase your bankroll. Have you ever witnessed the jackpot amount of a slot machine game increase minute by minute? Every time you and other players wager, a portion of your wager is redirected to the jackpot. Consequently, it is always displayed by most, if not all, online platforms.

Although the odds of winning the jackpot are slim, if you do, you will have a bankroll that even the casino will envy. To qualify for the jackpot, however, you must wager the maximum amount. The jackpot pools usually reach millions.

These are the most popular slot variations found in online casinos. However, there are additional types of online slot machines that can be learned and enjoyed. What advantages do slot machines have?

The primary advantage of slot machines, and the reason so many people play them, is that they are much simpler than casino table games. Additionally, you are not surrounded by spectators, so there is significantly less pressure to win the jackpot.

Simply place your wager and spin the reels to play slot machines to reveal your winning symbol combination. Slot machines allow you to place small wagers as opposed to the large wagers required by many other casino games. Instead of a minimum bet of $25, you can play the slot machine for as little as one cent!

Therefore, if a 1 cent machine had 30 pay lines and you wanted to wager on each, you could play for only 30 cents. This is one of the reasons why slot players were once looked down upon, as the wealthy viewed them as too poor to play the real games.

However, the low cost of slot machines has become one of their primary attractions. Another reason why slot machines are so popular is that they offer excellent opportunities to win large sums of money. Some games offer the chance to win millions of dollars, while others have jackpots in the thousands.

The largest win ever recorded was by a software engineer in 2003. From his $100 wager, he won 39.7 million dollars. Now, don’t misunderstand us – these types of jackpots are rare. However, isn’t it exciting to know you could be the next big winner with such a modest wager?

The final benefit we will discuss today is how entertaining they are and how thrilling they are to win. You don’t have the pressure of a large wager hanging over your head when the reels stop spinning, so you have more time to enjoy the experience instead of worrying about losing money.

Aside from the financial aspect, the transition from physical to digital slot machines allowed designers to unleash their imaginations, resulting in a significantly more entertaining and enjoyable experience.

Instead of simply observing the dice as they roll, you’ll be treated to an entire show between rolls.

Some slot machines allow you to take a picture of yourself and use it as the main character in the game. Slot machines are entertaining and offer the possibility of winning money with a remarkably small wager.

Symbols Displayed on Slot Machines

So, it appears that slot machine play is relatively simple, correct? But we have not yet discussed the meaning of each symbol. The standard symbols are ones that you have probably encountered before, whether on television or in a video game.

These are the classic fruit symbols, though some slot machines prefer card symbols.

Standard symbols are those that must be matched in a specific manner to win the prize. But what about the remaining symbols? Let’s quickly examine this.

Wild symbols

Consider the wild symbol as the joker in a deck of cards. If this symbol appears as part of a winning combination, it can substitute for any other symbol. Therefore, having a wild symbol substantially increases your chances of winning.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are frequently associated with bonus spins that offer the player a substantial advantage. Before you can receive their benefits, you must first agree to their terms and conditions, which are typically quite rare. Nonetheless, scatter symbols are frequently a gambler’s best friend.

Multiplier Symbols

Another uncommon symbol is the multiplier symbol, which multiplies your winnings if it appears. The amount by which they multiply your winnings depends on the specific game but can range from 2x to 6x. As you might expect, they are extremely valuable and sought after. Sadly, not as many slot machines contain them.

Sticky Symbols

The reel will remain stationary for multiple spins if you land on a sticky symbol. This means that only two matching symbols are required for a win. Manufacturers typically position them at the end of the reels to reduce your odds of landing on them.

Bonus Symbols

Similar to a scatter symbol, a bonus symbol prevents the next spin and grants access to a bonus game. This game will typically relate to the machine’s theme, such as a deck of cards or poker. The majority of bonus games rely on luck rather than strategy, so there is little you can do to win.

Stacked Symbols

Finally, stacked symbols allow standard symbols to occupy multiple positions on a reel. This indicates that matching the symbols is more likely. There is also the possibility of landing on stacked wild symbols, which significantly increases your chances of winning.

Slot Machine Etiquette

As with any activity, you should observe certain rules of conduct to ensure that you enjoy your time as much as possible without upsetting other participants.

Obviously, not everyone follows the slot machine etiquette rules (this is where the lurkers come in), but you should not disregard them.

To avoid a public argument with another gambler in the middle of a casino, adhere to the following guidelines.

Someone may still attempt to pick a fight with you, but at least you will know that you were not at fault.

Avoid Being a Lurker

Never sit at a machine when you are not actively playing it. You are preventing someone else from playing, so please relocate. There are numerous available seats in the casino; please locate one.

It’s also important to avoid lurking around other players on machines you desire. No one wants a stranger breathing down their neck while trying to enjoy themselves, even if they have a favorite machine currently in use. Find a different machine until that one is available.

Saving a Device

If you need to take a break from gambling, you can save your machine for up to fifteen minutes. There are typically slot attendants roaming the area, so you can ask them about the policy regarding saving machines. It’s possible there won’t be one, and you won’t be able to save your machine, so don’t take offense if this response appears.

If you are permitted to save your machine and leave it for a few minutes, you should always remove your valuables. Likewise, never leave unplayed credits on a machine. You will not receive these back if they are used by another player while you are absent. As it is possible to save your machine, you should always ensure one is available prior to sit down.

Avoid Being Greedy

While it is possible to play on more than one machine at once, as some gamblers prefer, you should avoid doing so when the casino is crowded. Stick to one machine so that you do not interfere with the enjoyment of other players.

Again, ensure that the machine you select is available and free. People who use multiple machines at once will move back and forth, so an empty seat does not always indicate that the machine is available.

Maintain Your Composure

No one likes a sore loser. Slot machines are intended to be entertaining and fun, so don’t let a string of losses detract from that. Do not take it out on other players, casino personnel, or the machines. This may result in exclusion from the house.

If another player wins, you should be happy for them and even congratulate them; they just got lucky and should not be made to feel bad. If you’re on a losing streak, take some time away from the slot machines to collect your thoughts.

Proceed to your hotel room or explore the local area. After a string of losses, you should explore our guide to the best hotels in Las Vegas to find the best place to unwind and relax.

Be Prepared for Openings

The best slot-playing experiences result from your contentment and enthusiasm. If you have a negative attitude about winning, you will likely not enjoy yourself. To maximize your experience, ensure that you have eaten, had a full night’s rest, and are in a good mood.

Why not take advantage of the abundance of restaurants and buffets in Las Vegas prior to your gambling session? Research the best Las Vegas buffets to avoid disappointment. If you are well taken care of, you will likely be able to make the best decisions for your game.

Slot Machine Payouts 

Getting a nice payout after a slot machine game is the obvious primary objective, correct?

The payout percentage represents the average amount of money you can expect to win.

Remember that we say average because there is no assurance that you will receive the payout after a certain number of spins.

For instance, if your slot machine had a payout percentage of 80% and you wagered $100, the average payout in the form of winnings would be $80.

Looking to Win? Learn When to Leave

Possessing a positive attitude when playing slot machines is an important success factor. Since there is little you can do through the skill to influence the gameplay of a game, you can develop a mindset that increases your chances of success.

Understanding when to stop playing and walk away is a crucial skill when playing slots. You must strike a balance between the excitement of the pursuit and what you can expect from slot machines on any given day. Consequently, knowing when to stop playing is one of the most important pieces of advice available.

Some days are not meant to be particularly fortunate, and that is perfectly acceptable. A skilled player will know how to reduce risk by minimizing potential bankroll losses. You don’t want to spend too much time playing slots too quickly, which brings us to our next essential factor: your hourly and per-spin wagers.

Bet No More Than You Can Afford to Lose

Obviously, an online slot machine is neither good nor bad. It is a pure probability where the odds are stacked against you – just enough. To be more successful at slot machines, however, you should only play with money you can afford to lose. It is incorrect for many players to view slot machines as a source of income.

Yes, you can win, and you can win big, but there is no formula to it. The number of hours spent gambling or the amount wagered per spin will not make a significant difference. Therefore, you must understand how the paytable works and recognize when a slot machine is simply running against you, and you need to cool off.

Never pine for the money you lost playing online slots. Consider the activity a hobby, and stop worrying about what slot machines are available.

How to Play Slots

Can Slot Machines be Manipulated by Stopping the Reels?

Slot players have tested the strategy of stopping the reels before they produce “better outcomes.” This has been proven to be a myth, and nothing but luck will determine your success. The spins typically occur too quickly for you to predict the outcome, and you cannot pinpoint the reels based on their appearance. There will always be a few more spins of the reels following.

If you attempt to stop the reels too frequently, you will likely increase the number of spins per hour and run the risk of overheating. You will not enjoy yourself and be on a fool’s errand. But why would anyone attempt to prevent the reels from completing their full rotation?

Historically, some older slot machines could be manipulated, but technology has advanced to the point where there is no longer a provable way to manipulate casino slot wins.

Locate the Top Online Casinos to Play Slots

The best slot machine strategy you can employ today is to ensure that all the small factors that affect your online gambling come together in a way that increases your chances of winning. One of these conditions is the identification of the best casinos.

These casinos will allow you to take advantage of numerous features, including bonuses, frequent promotions, a great loyalty program, and a collection of slot games that you can truly enjoy and are known to provide the best long-term odds of success.

Finding the best slot machine game is not the only consideration when playing. And it’s also about finding a casino you can rely on to deliver the quality you expect from online slots! If you suspect that your current operator is failing to uphold their end of the bargain, you should consider switching to the next best online casino.

A Few Final Tips Regarding Slot Machines

This article provides a comprehensive summary of all successful online slots strategies. Remember that everything comes down to luck at the end of the day, here are some tips:

  • Select machines with the highest RTP
  • Remember to check the volatility
  • Jackpots are beneficial so long as the base game is entertaining
  • Read Reddit’s player slot reviews
  • Play at reputable casino websites
  • Take full advantage of free spins promotions
  • Learn when to stop playing slot machines