How to cheat a slot machine in best 4 ways.

Slot machines can result a large payout by itself but there are gimmicks like the top-bottom joint, magnets and shaved coins that could help. These strategies, however, are only effective if the slots themselves are not rigged. Magnets, shaved coins, and computer chip replacement will all be discussed in detail in this article. But they’re not infallible; they’ve been used in actual casinos before. So, what do you need to know about how to cheat a slot machine?

1. Top-bottom joint

In the olden days, top-bottom joint tricks were used to cheat slot machines. These tricks used a special tool that inserted a small charge into the slot machine’s mechanism. Nowadays, however, these methods have become outdated, as casinos have begun to implement safeguards to prevent cheating. One of these tricks, known as the top-bottom joint, was first used by a man named Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who owned a television repair shop. A friend of his, Ray Ming introduced him to it.

These days, you can use the Top-bottom joint trick to beat slot machines. During the 1970s, it became quite popular. In fact, some of these tricks were created by people who thought they could cheat a slot machine without being caught. Despite this, however, these tricks have become very popular again. For example, one method uses a long wire and a piece of guitar string shaped like a q. The top part of the joint is inserted through the payout chute while the bottom part of the wire is inserted through the coin slot. In this way, the slot machine will be fooled and will release all the coins it has stored inside.

2. Magnet trick

Using a magnet trick to cheat slot machines can be a profitable strategy, but there are some precautions you should take. First of all, it’s illegal to fool slot machines with magnets. If you find out that you’re being cheated, you will be held accountable and you’ll have to pay the price. It’s also very difficult to repeat this trick on multiple machines. Therefore, it is best to stick to one machine and only use it if you’re really confident that it’ll work for you.

A few years ago, there was a man who tried to cheat a slot machine by putting a magnet on the right side of the machine. The guy was caught red-handed trying to fool the machine. He had placed a magnet on the right side of the slot machine to collect more coins. Although the casino reformed its slot machines, the person still managed to get six years in jail for cheating. Fortunately, the game has improved since then.

3. Shaved coin trick

A shaved coin is a thin, silver object that is 0.040 inches smaller in diameter than its counterpart. This technique is used to trick slot machines into accepting it as a stake coin, but does not actually change the actual diameter of the coin. The shaved coin is often backed up to allow the other object to reach the machine without being detected. Originally, the shaved coin trick was used by con artist Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio. After being arrested in 1998, he was later released on bail, but was caught using the same methods again a few months later.

Eventually, slot machines became more advanced, and many were unable to detect the shaved coin. As a result, manufacturers changed the mechanism in their machines to register payment without physical contact. But this method is no longer effective, as many new machines are equipped with light sensors that check the entire surface of the coin. If a coin was shaved and inserted into a machine, it would be rejected as unfit for purpose, while the plastic token would remain in the machine.

4. Computer chip replacement

One of the most popular methods of cheating at slots involves the use of computer chip replacement. Essentially, the cheater reverse-engineers the chip used in a slot cabinet, resulting in a manipulated chip that favors the odds. The technique can be accomplished in under 15 seconds with the help of a skilled cheater. The trick is effective only if the cheater’s report is accurate, which is highly unlikely.

The process is easier if the hacker has physical access to a slot machine’s innards. Fortunately, this is not impossible, and the hacker can use scrap slot cabinets as a tool. In fact, some of these tricks have been proven to fool slot machines and other types of electronic games for over two decades. But what are the exact steps to get around the innards of a slot machine?